Deductive Object , 1997

by Kimsooja

Used clothes and bedcovers

Kimsooja is an internationally-acclaimed conceptual and multidisciplinary artist who was born in Daegu, Korea, a city known for its textile industry. She is an artist on the move, deeply engaged with the outside world, a traveller on a pilgrimage of discovery and openness with all that she encounters. In her ongoing Bottari series she's a traveling laundry woman, collecting the discarded clothes and textiles of people who remain unknown to us. She wraps, or bundles, the forgotten items with brightly coloured and richly textured fabrics so they become like treasures, intimate and precious. Bottari reveals the artist gazing at the intimate link between each country's textile culture and its people, gender relations, politics and society. It invites the viewer into a realm that explores the boundaries of poetry, visual anthropology and socially relevant topics.