Sun Dial: Night Watch, Drawing for Tapestry, One random week in 2014 , 2016

by Susan Morris

Archival Inkjet on Hahnemühle paper,Edition 2 of 3
82 x 50 x mm

EUR 7500
Modern technology, the recording of time, and the documentation of movement come together in Susan Morris’s work. By using digital tracking devices worn on the body, the artist records her daily routine or seemingly repetitive gestures to produce images that reveal a body caught up in the machinations of the clock and calendrical time. At the centre of Morris’s practice, explored through a range of different media, is the very traditional idea of an artist’s self-portraiture serving as a commentary on subjectivity in general. Susan Morris remarks: “For five years, from 1st January 2010 to December 31st 2014, I wore an Actiwatch, a scientific/medical device used by Chronobiologists, that recorded my sleep/wake patterns plus the levels of ambient light in my immediate environment. Prior to this, I had been using year planners as templates to track various personal activities and traits, such as my spending patterns, eating habits, mood swings etc. I was interested in the way that digital technology allowed me to record things that I may have been doing unconsciously and that wouldn’t necessarily leave a visible trace. I also became aware of the relationship between digital media and Jacquard technology (one of the first binary systems), and this led me to the Jacquard weavers in Belgium who were able to generate tapestries directly from the recorded data.”