Gallery | Amsterdam
  • Bather by moyna-flannigan Bather
  • Seated Woman by moyna-flannigan Seated Woman
  • Man with Bomber Jacket by stephan-balkenhol Man with Bomber Jacket
  • Relief Landscape by stephan-balkenhol Relief Landscape
  • Untitled (Red Head) by moyna-flannigan Untitled (Red Head)
  • Tear 42 by moyna-flannigan Tear 42
  • Golden Apple by stephanie-saade Golden Apple
  • Origine by stephanie-saade Origine
  • Memory Cards by andrei-roiter Memory Cards
  • Greenscape by andrei-roiter Greenscape
  • Light Square by andrei-roiter Light Square
  • In Progress by andrei-roiter In Progress

AKINCI presents artists whose working practice spans a range of current media, reflecting the diversity of communication means available within contemporary visual art. Our vision is to reveal both the experimental pulse running through our programme and the precision with which the artists investigate their methods and aims.

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