Gallery | Düsseldorf
  • Translator XV by anna-vogel Translator XV
  • New Cities by anna-vogel New Cities
  • Temples VI by anna-vogel Temples VI
  • Faithful Dog Man by hirosuke-yabe Faithful Dog Man
  • Untitled by hirosuke-yabe Untitled
  • Faithful Dog Man II by hirosuke-yabe Faithful Dog Man II
  • Untitled by hirosuke-yabe Untitled
  • Vitra catalogue Plant by guy-yanai Vitra catalogue Plant
  • Yellow Boat by guy-yanai Yellow Boat
  • Standard West Hollywood by guy-yanai Standard West Hollywood
  • Void in Milan by guy-yanai Void in Milan
  • New Cities XII by anna-vogel New Cities XII

CONRADS´ list of artists and exhibition program include new and mid-career artists, creating a dialog between different generations of artists with different cultural background and working in all media. Though form and focus of these artists' works vary significantly, their practices overlap in key areas: an engagement with general and fundamental themes culture has historically dealt with, an interest in aesthetics and a willingness to engage with the poetic as well as the critical and the political. CONRADS publish monographs on artists of the gallery and participate in international art fairs since 1992.

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