Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art (F04)

Gallery | Lisbon
  • Self-Portrait by elmgreen-dragset Self-Portrait
  • Untitled (Black Light) by sabine-hornig Untitled (Black Light)
  • Window 1 by sabine-hornig Window 1
  • Untitled by jose-loureiro Untitled
  • The Real Thing (3) by juliao-sarmento The Real Thing (3)
  • Untitled (Skin) by matt-mullican Untitled (Skin)
  • Untitled (Yellow Monster 27) by matt-mullican Untitled (Yellow Monster 27)
  • Untitled by rui-toscano Untitled
  • he-pop by erwin-wurm he-pop
  • Sheetuation Town II by yonamine Sheetuation Town II
  • Untitled by yonamine Untitled
  • mediaFax4 by angela-ferreira mediaFax4
  • LOST & FOUND & LOST AGAIN by lawrence-weiner LOST & FOUND & LOST AGAIN
  • Glossolalia ("Good Morning") by joao-maria-gusmao-pedro-paiva Glossolalia ("Good Morning")
  • Experiments and C Ventroloquism by joao-maria-gusmao-pedro-paiva Experiments and C Ventroloquism
  • Cacheu by filipa-cesar Cacheu
  • Untitled (Leveling a spirit level in free fall feat. Dorit Chrysler's BBGV dub) by joao-onofre Untitled (Leveling a spirit level in free fall feat. Dorit Chrysler's BBGV dub)
  • Untitled by andre-cepeda Untitled

Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art was officially inaugurated in March of 2001. Run by Cristina Guerra, the gallery predominantly focuses the conceptual work of 27 contemporary artists. Besides participating in high-profile art fairs, the gallery also organizes exhibitions by foreign guest curators, conceived as platforms of exchange, discussion and expansion. The gallery follows a tight schedule of eight to nine exhibitions per year, which are planned over a year in advance. Besides this active program, during several short interludes, the gallery hosts book launches and performances/happenings. The gallery also supports many of its artists’ publications and promotes artists’ exhibitions in local and foreign museums and institutions by extensively communicating these events to its audience of visitors and the local and international press.

Contact Info
Rua De Santo António À Estrela 33 1350-291 Lisboa, Lisbon (Route)
☎ office +351 213 959 559