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  • #694 by david-reed #694
  • Color Study #7 by david-reed Color Study #7
  • Color Study #6 by david-reed Color Study #6
  • Color Study #8 by david-reed Color Study #8
  • Untitled, #12/14 by birgit-werres Untitled, #12/14
  • Untitled, #1/10 by birgit-werres Untitled, #1/10
  • Untitled by birgit-werres Untitled
  • Zen Bone by richard-allen-morris Zen Bone
  • Rothko's Bus by richard-allen-morris Rothko's Bus
  • Lan Sake by richard-allen-morris Lan Sake
  • Letter by richard-allen-morris Letter

Gallery Anke Schmidt has selected five artists from different backgrounds, ages and perspectives in an attempt to provide an international and varied glance into their over-all program focusing on painting. David Reed, Fabian Marcaccio, Elizabeth Cooper, Richard Allen Morris and Steffen Lenk’s pieces draw from historical art sources, dip into the abstract and return to pop culture. David Reed (*1946), American and one of the senior artist in this selection, can be characterized as one of the most influential abstract painters of his generation. His characteristic forms suggesting waves, folds or even brush strokes celebrate sensuality and illusionism and demand contemplation from the viewer. His paintings often involve a long and complex technical process combining traditional painting techniques with the use of laser cut stencils that are produced using digital image processing. Reed represents the more established side of the gallery and has long been acclaimed and exhibited in Europe and the US. Fabian Marcaccio (*1963), an Argentinian artist living in New York, categorizes his own work as complex or expanded abstraction. Where Reed’s waves evoke tranquility, Marcaccio’s works are more disturbing, instable and a bit unsettling. He is more interested in painting „upon noise and pollution instead of on silence and purity.“ Gallery Anke Schmidt will show how Marcaccio has become more elaborate and richer with his recent work. Marcaccio considers painting as a constellation in content change, sometimes rendered as panels, sometimes as 3D configurations, sometimes as animations, and sometimes on an environmental scale. The youngest artist in this selection, Steffen Lenk (*1976) of Germany, follows in the tradition of American Pop Art. His paintings are fun, playful, humorous but at the same time profound. Lenk has the ability to take every-day motifs and transform them into structural paintings with a touch of cheekiness. This up-and-coming artist personifies the philosophy of the gallery by using painting in a quirky but contemporary manner. The paintings of Elizabeth Cooper (*1972) stand as another example for a generation of artists who in their work not only refer to the traditions of high culture but also to those of mass culture, and draw exciting pictorial creations from them. Although arranged as an abstract composition, her pictures contain gestures redolent of natural phenomena or figures are reminiscent of set pieces from comic strips, without however making any representational objects or narrative elements visible. For San Diego based artist Richard Allen Morris (*1933) the canvas has become a permanent field of experimentation in which he tries out every conceivable variation between expressive abstraction and figuration – while paying his respects to art history with wit and intelligence. Ever since the sixties Richard Allen Morris tests different medias in painting. He puts the picture on the edge of object and relief and with humor and irony he oscillates between concreteness and abstraction.

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