Haas (H03)

Gallery | Zürich
  • my private Hiroshige by nicole-bianchet my private Hiroshige
  • Baum by emil-cimi Baum
  • untitled by auke-de-vries untitled
  • Lake Scape II by leiko-ikemura Lake Scape II
  • Sansui-ga by leiko-ikemura Sansui-ga
  • Der Sessel by martha-jungwirth Der Sessel
  • untitled by martha-jungwirth untitled
  • Sibir by gustav-kluge Sibir
  • Black Painting by gary-kuehn Black Painting
  • Stencil Drawing 12 by gary-kuehn Stencil Drawing 12
  • The Couple by richard-lindner The Couple
  • Marionette by marwan Marionette
  • Metall/Musik by jakob-mattner Metall/Musik
  • Als man die Musik noch sehen konnte by jakob-mattner Als man die Musik noch sehen konnte
  • tskrie 3 by ar-penck tskrie 3
  • Thema by otto-piene Thema
  • Dings Gelb by reinhard-pods Dings Gelb
  • Proportionscollage by arnulf-rainer Proportionscollage
  • The Decorative Immigrant by daniel-richter The Decorative Immigrant
  • Grafisme by antoni-tapies Grafisme
  • 37° 34´N - 26° 55´E by dimitris-tzamouranis 37° 34´N - 26° 55´E
  • 38° 51´N - 25° 30`E by dimitris-tzamouranis 38° 51´N - 25° 30`E
  • untitled by abraham-david-christian untitled
  • untitled by abraham-david-christian untitled
  • Interconnected by abraham-david-christian Interconnected
  • untitled by jiri-georg-dokoupil untitled
  • untitled by jiri-georg-dokoupil untitled
  • Albi 2 by per-kirkeby Albi 2
  • Das Atelier II by konrad-klapheck Das Atelier II
  • Duo by konrad-klapheck Duo
  • 5 Hände, 6 Tatscher by arnulf-rainer 5 Hände, 6 Tatscher
  • Das Spiel by dennis-scholl Das Spiel
  • Des Esseintes by dennis-scholl Des Esseintes
  • Baum by emil-cimiotti Baum

The History oft Galerie Haas AG, Zurich Galerie Haas was established in Zürich in 2003 by Michael Haas and is run by Dr. Erika Költzsch. The gallery represents international art of the 20th and 21st century. Major focuses are: Classical Modernists (Picasso, Braque, Matisse, Léger, Picabia), German Expressionism (Kirchner), New Objectivity (Dix, Grosz), Bauhaus art, Swiss Art (Hodler, Soutter, Vallotton), important after-war art (Rama, Stella, Tàpies, Warhol) and contemporary positions (Jungwirth, Klein, Meese, Ottersbach). The gallery’s intention is to promote the dialogue between Classical Modern and Contemporary art in order to show their links and connections. Through the contact with museums, curators, collectors and galleries all over the world and changing exhibitions the gallery received growing attention over the time and became an important spot in Swiss art life.

Contact Info

Talstrasse 62A 8001 Zürich, Zürich (Route)
📧 contact@galeriehaasag.ch
☎ office +41 43 497 2026