Pedro Cera (E05)

Gallery | Lisboa
  • Bois Dormat - Cabinet 2 by paloma-varga-weisz Bois Dormat - Cabinet 2
  • On the Other Side by mariele-neudecker On the Other Side
  • Interior Pool by gil-heitor-cortesao Interior Pool
  • Interior com espiral by gil-heitor-cortesao Interior com espiral
  • Oval by ana-manso Oval
  • Noz by ana-manso Noz
  • Eye Massage by ana-manso Eye Massage
  • Ruby by ana-manso Ruby
  • Andar Lento by ana-manso Andar Lento
  • Untitled (Black Dear) by miguel-branco Untitled (Black Dear)
  • Collector´s House by gil-heitor-cortesao Collector´s House
  • Spiral Pool by gil-heitor-cortesao Spiral Pool
  • Couple by paloma-varga-weisz Couple
  • Ghosthead (silverplated) by paloma-varga-weisz Ghosthead (silverplated)
  • VOL - 16 - 2017 by frank-nitsche VOL - 16 - 2017
  • CEP - 15 - 2017 by frank-nitsche CEP - 15 - 2017
  • The Party by gil-heitor-cortesao The Party

Pedro Cera was founded in 1998. During the first years of its operation, the gallery directed its focus mostly to emerging and mid-career Portuguese artists. In the following years, Pedro Cera moved gradually towards international representation and marked its presence in the international market, by participating regularly in some of the most prestigious art fairs. Today, Pedro Cera is established as a leading Portuguese gallery and represents artists from Europe, Latin America and the United States of America. This year the gallery celebrates twenty years of its existence.

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Rua Do Patrocínio 67 E 1350-229 Lisboa, Lisboa (Route)
☎ office +351 21 816 20 32