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PRISKA PASQUER specialises in 20th century and contemporary art, focusing first and foremost on art in times of change and upheaval – the 1920s, the 1970s and from 2000 onwards – exploring a wide variety of techniques and forms including photography and new media. Located in the former rooms of Galerie Rudolf Zwirner in Cologne, PRISKA PASQUER has established a forward-looking concept with a broad variety of exhibi_ons such as those dedicated to South African ar_st Pieter Hugo, video and performance pioneer Ulrike Rosenbach, media ar_st Johanna Reich, and post-conceptual ar_st and theorist Warren Neidich. Since 2013, PRISKA PASQUER – which was founded in 2000 – has sought to identify relevant artworks from the digital age, showcasing them in exhibitions that raise fundamental, far-reaching questions: How do artists respond to the digital transformation? What themes define art in the digital age and how does the digital age change the way artists view the world? The “20|13” concept and the series of RESET exhibitions are dedicated to artists who assume new perspectives on key issues of our time and who mirror the sweeping developments of the digital age directly. RESET I and MODERNISM (2015) presented pioneering artists of the digital age in comparison to their predecessors from an earlier age of Western modernity which was similarly characterised by political, economic and cultural revolution. RESET II and FUTURISM (2016) created a dialogue between contemporary art and Italian Futurism, highlighting both the dynamism and the technical progress of that era. RESET III and VIRTUAL REALITY (2017) examines the artistic confrontation with virtual space against the backdrop of the digital age.

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