Thomas Brambilla Gallery (C12)

Gallery | Bergamo
  • Untitled (Torso) by lynda-benglis Untitled (Torso)
  • Castelvetrano by joe-zucker Castelvetrano
  • Bosana by joe-zucker Bosana
  • Untitled by lynda-benglis Untitled
  • Mickalene Thomas at Lehman Maupin by simon-linke Mickalene Thomas at Lehman Maupin
  • Peter Doig at Faurschou Foundation by simon-linke Peter Doig at Faurschou Foundation
  • Untitled by erik-saglia-1 Untitled
  • Untitled by erik-saglia-2 Untitled
  • Untitled by lynda-benglis Untitled
  • Maia by ron-gorchov Maia
  • Pirithöus by ron-gorchov Pirithöus
  • Bread Series by anatoly-osmolovsky Bread Series
  • Aye Aye by oscar-giaconia Aye Aye
  • Untitled 1 by klaus-rinke Untitled 1

Thomas Brambilla Gallery has been founded with the specific aim to suggest artists engaged into an artistic pursuit that, just as the best Avant-garde, alters the language and the form, communicating with the later and innovative cultural topics.

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