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  • Zheng Wen Gong – 3 by xiaobai-su Zheng Wen Gong – 3
  • Zheng Wen Gong – 1 by xiaobai-su Zheng Wen Gong – 1
  • Unfathomed by xiaobai-su Unfathomed
  • Ocean Blue – 1 by xiaobai-su Ocean Blue – 1
  • Ocean Blue – 4 by xiaobai-su Ocean Blue – 4
  • 21-2-92 by wou-ki-zao 21-2-92
  • Untitled by dayu-wu Untitled
  • Untitled by dayu-wu Untitled
  • Untitled by dayu-wu Untitled
  • Untitle by dayu-wu Untitle
  • Constant 1-11 by xiaobai-su Constant 1-11
  • Tile-1 by xiaobai-su Tile-1
  • Tile-2 by xiaobai-su Tile-2
  • Tile-6 by xiaobai-su Tile-6
  • Tile-8 by xiaobai-su Tile-8
  • Tile-5 by xiaobai-su Tile-5
  • Tile-7 by xiaobai-su Tile-7
  • Constant 1-16 by xiaobai-su Constant 1-16
  • Untitled by dayu-wu Untitled

The Tina Keng Gallery has its roots in the Lin & Keng Gallery (1992–2009) based in Taipei, Taiwan and Beijing, China. Delving into Chinese art history, Lin & Keng was instrumental in promoting the work of Asian classical masters. The Tina Keng Gallery has continued this tradition by supporting Greater Chinese contemporary art, with a steadfast focus on nurturing Taiwanese art. It is the gallery’s intention to expand artistic possibilities in the flux of time, while honing a global perspective that abounds with diverse cultural heritage. An unwavering believer in the essence of Asian modern and contemporary art, the Tina Keng Gallery attests to the singular panorama of a changing Asia.

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