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  • bOuldeRRama by jan-albers bOuldeRRama
  • hOlymOly by jan-albers hOlymOly
  • Gezi Park (Version II) by claus-fottinger Gezi Park (Version II)
  • cor-r by sabrina-fritsch cor-r
  • VAR by sabrina-fritsch VAR
  • Some Place Behind by manuel-graf Some Place Behind
  • Untitled (GRE_015_VH) by joanne-greenbaum Untitled (GRE_015_VH)
  • Notes on Granma by diango-hernandez Notes on Granma
  • Clove by paul-morrison Clove
  • MFL by wendy-white MFL
  • What Goes Up … by stefan-wissel-1 What Goes Up …
  • Untitled (e) from:Statics of sensation by stefan-wissel-1 Untitled (e) from:Statics of sensation

Beginning as an artist run non-commercial space VAN HORN developed through several stages from exhibition space to gallery. The programme was started in the spirit of self-empowerment, curiosity and enthusiasm for the unexpected. The space presented in it's beginning artists that had been never exhibited in Düsseldorf or the Rhineland and aimed to extend the idea about what art can be. Exhibitions were organized by at that time rather unknown icons like R. Crumb, in his first solo-exhibition in Germany, Rudolf Steiner or Nicole Eisenman, also in her first solo-show in Germany. Following were Cady Noland, WOLS, Russ Meyer, LeRoy Grannis and others. Early on the space attended international artfairs, nevertheless keeping it's non-profit origins. Finally in September 2009 the gallery was founded, opening with the first solo-exhibition in Germany by Reinhard Mucha in a decade. Regularly friends of the gallery - artists, curators or collectors - are invited to realize their ideas in the context of the gallery. We're aware of our location and it's fertile history. Therefore we honor the high quality of artists from Dusseldorf and the Rhineland and are engaged in extending this field into the future. In 2017 we opened a second loction - the VAN HORN Schaulager. It is a field for artistic presentations and collaborations with artists and performers, as well as guest galleries.

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